WE have answers.

How does ordering work?

Step 1 - Pick your choice of fresh seafood purchased locally. You can order by the half or whole pound. 
Step 2 - Pick your additional add ons like sausage, corn, potato, or boiled eggs.
Step 3 - Choose your sauce of choice, we have “The OG” (House cajun blend), “Garlic Butter” (100% real butter and garlic), “Naked” (plain seafood) 
Step 4 - Choose your level of spiciness from No Spicy, X, XX, XXX each level of spiciness is an extra scoop of cayenne.

Do you offer dine in?

Yes, we currently do.

How do I reserve a table?

Call us at (941) 251-6663 to reserve a table

Why is it called The Saucy Crawfish?

Our food is inspired by Creole and Cajun cuisine and crawfish boils have always been our favorite! We love seeing our friends and family get saucy during big gatherings. So we thought, why not name it “The Saucy Crawfish”! Let us know what you think.

Can you tell us more about your company?

We are a local family owned business looking to bring big flavor and fun to the community. We value customer service and quality food all while having some fun along the way. 

Do you have any promotions or discounts?

Home Page.

What are your hours?

Are you currently hiring?

Yes, you can submit a job application at thesaucybradentoninc@gmail.com

What is your safety protocol during COVID?

Our food safety and customer service teams are working hard to ensure safety measures protect both the guest and the restaurant staff. We are adhering to state and local policies, in addition to these policies, we are practicing social distancing, frequent cleaning and hand washing. We are also offering contactless pick up, curbside, and delivery.